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G force girls events Gallery


Modified Nationals May 2011 G-Force Girls EJay, Lottie, & Jay Jay

Well here i am again folks at the car shows with the G-Force girls for this show it was EJay, Lottie and Jay Jay with guest appearances by Callie and Sair.  although we only went for one day the girls did a brilliant job bringing some sunshine to the show which was cold and windy to say the least,  The girls really warmed the place up when we were passing the main stage with the music hiting all the right notes but nobody actually taking any notice or stopping.  the girls decided the music was worth a shake of the butts which prompted me to go ask could they do it on stage and the DJ was well up for it.  Within a couple of Min’s the girls had the crowd right there in front of them they did a brilliant job and as you will see it wasn’t long before Callie joined them as well as three other girls, they really brightened everybody’s day and when they eventually came off stage there legs were completely gone so much so they had to have a sit down for a few Min’s before setting off to give the res of the show the G-Force Girls treatment.   You will notice there is a very rare picture of me it would seem that every time i go some where with EJay she gets a picture of me Mmmmmmmmmm.  Enjoy this very special day and the girls they were beautiful amazing and lots and lots of fun, I think its fair to say they made a big impact at the show if the crowds they got and requests to have their pictures taken was anything to go by.  You will also notice that callie managed to get me to shoot her quite a bit on her own as well hehe go Callie.

This is Amie , JayJay and Sammy, at the amazing Perky,s work shop,  I needed to get some stuff done for Perky and the girls came to add some glamour to the shots, as always with my  G- Force Girls the idea is to have fun and at the same time show what a class  models they are. There are also a couple of pics of the gorgous and brilliant kandi as well as Callie from a previous visit.

Enjoy the fun and games of Callie & kandi at Perkys. girls will be girls lmao.

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Altra con in Rotherham Sept 2015 with the G Force Girllz all dressed up lots of fun and a great show with our good friend Anthony Bindon and  Lightning McQueen :)

Hereford Truck show Aug  2015 with the G Force Girllz

Sorry not to many pics of the trucks the girllz were a blast and entertained the truckers and me no end, they rocked it enough said.

USC 2015

G Force Girllz and I were at USC and it was a little disappointing as there wernt many show cars as i would have liked but the girls  still had fun and entertained the lads as normal  :)

Trax 2015 with the new G Forc Girllz uniform

Introducing the all new G Force Girllz from June 2015  They were out in Birmingham raising money for charity sat 27.6.15  and raised £743 .31 in a couple of hours sorry peeps no pics as I wasn’t there but they were out in they’re uniforms promoting for me as well as them selves. Lightning McQueen and Mater popped in on there way to a charity event today sun 28.6.15  and Rebecca was here to grab a couple of pic. There is going to be a lot happening with the girls this year so watch this space folks :)

Modified nationals Peterborough 2015 , I didn’t  go for the whole show just popped up on the sat afternoon  to shoot Rebecca Louise who was already promoting   there. She took a G-Force uniform and spent some time with me as you will see. Sorry folks  didn’t take to many of the cars but as you will know its more about the G Force Girls and there working to please the crowd that’s important to me. I met some new models and also one of my  blast from the past models  can you spot who that is  ha ha :) Oh yeah spot the rare pic of me with girls lol :)

Digi-Con Doncaster 2015

This is the first event of the year that G-Force-Girl KK and I have attended, what a wicked show something very different, we were invited by lightning McQueen to attend and as you will see there were a number of awesome cars there as well as loads of comic and film caricatures.  Lots of stalls even wrestling and the blues brother who were awesome,  all in all a wicked weekend and I met a lots of terrific people and i will be working with Kit from night rider soon as well as many other kool cars, so watch this space folks in the mean time enjoy !

Motorcycle Live 2014

G-Force Girl KK and i went to the show and I’m pleased to say she was a great success the guys loved her and the bikes were awesome these pics will give you a flavour of the event.

Hereford truck show 2014

been a while since the G Force Girls and  I have been to an event but this one was great the show is for charity and it raised £10,00,  I took KK and Rebecca and they had a ball the truck drivers were great fun and we had a wicked day.  My thanks to John (blue eyes) for inviting us and also looking after us for the day, it has to be said he makes the best burgers ever and who says models don’t eat lol Enjoy folks



Kk takes Trax  2013 by storm

I took only one G Force girl to Trax this year and it was Kk and although she hasn’t been with me that long she has become a little super star, she thrives on the big crowd and when given the chance as you can see showed her moves on the pole as well as posing with the cars she also gave all the other photographers some wicked shot but best of all so many amazing pics with me.  Enjoy this special young lady folks shes a real talent.


G Force Girls in Wales at MMD Works with Lightning McQueen Aug 2013

It one very happy wrinkly photographer and model manager  that is able to bring to you the latest pics and shoot from the G Force Girls.  Those that have followed my girls over the years will know there has been some awesome teams in the past and I am pleased to say that Kk and Mims came together as a team for this event and completely blew the socks off me metaphorically speaking that is.  Both girls have a flexibility to be envied and both have a love of tats even to the point of having bands round their legs on the same leg. They bonded even though they had never met prior to this show and I am pleased to say that they will now become the permanent G Force Girls. This shoot came about after from an Invite from Anthony the owner of Lightning McQueen to come to Wales to shot lightning also max the owner of MMD wraps and customizing made it possible to use their works for the shoot plus lots of wicked cars turned up for the day so over all a great day was had by everyone.  My thanks to Anthony and max and everyone else involved and of course to two very beautiful and talented girls Kk and Mims. Enjoy the pics folks. PS the random horse pics are from when me and the girls stopped of on the trip home and the girls got chased by them which was very funny listening to their screams lol

Custom Carnage Stonleigh Warwickshire July 2013

Here we are folks much later in the year from the last event but I am very pleased to say what a brilliant show.  This is the very first Custom Carnage and I have to say its the best show i have been to in a very long time.  Its all about Ink, Bikes, airbrushing , wicked bikes and cars such a pleasant change from the shows that i have been attending in the last few years.  So many awesome machines and the tat artists were just wow wow wow, I only took two G Force Girls Lauren you will already know, who is not only a brilliant and very beautiful glamour model but she wicked as a G Force Girl as well, I also took a new girl that has only been modelling for a couple of weeks and her name is kat.  Considering that i threw her in the deep end she did a terrific job and Im very happy with the pics that the two girls producted.  I just want to thank everyone that we met they were all very friendly which made the show great especially as it was roasting weather wise.  A special thank to the bikers that we met at the start of the show they were great with the girls lol.  Thats it wicked pics from a wicked show one very happy wrinkly photographer.

G Force girls first outing 2013

Last sunday the 7th April 2013 saw both myself and the G force Girls at an infinity suround studio to kick of the season of the girls on tour and also to celebrate the 21st birthday of one of the girls Jade. we had four cars including the amazing lightning McQueen for the girls to shoot with as well as 3 motor bikes, it was a long tiring day, but as usual the girls really had lots of fun including doing a little video of their take on the harlem shake. we also had a couple of other togs there who also had a great time they were Mark and Andy.  Enjoy the first of this seasons events folks.

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Charity event at Dynodaze for Macmillan Nurses, July 12

This is the latest event attended by myself and the G Force Girls, Charlee, Tic tak and Jay jay and we were also there with the Amazing Tiglet modified car ( our thanks go to Anita and Andrew the owners of Tiglet for all their help and support.

This event was organised by Kitty shes the blonde with the girls and it was a day to raise funds for Macmillan Nurses who do such an amazing job for cancer sufferers.  I have to say the gazzebo I have bought was a night mare i forgot to bring weights to hold it down and it wasnt long before a leg was broken off and it also rained a lot.  having said that as you would expect from the G force girls they made the most of the day strutting their stuff and showing off lol.  We put a limited addition 2013 calendar of Charlee topless with the Tiglet up for raffle and those attending could also buy posters of Charlee and Tic tak all the profits went to the charity, enjoy the pics and the girls folks.

Modified Nationals June 2nd Peterborough 2012

These pics are from the latest show that i have been to recently, the G Force girls this time were Charlee j & Tic Tac, I really do have to say that this was the worst run show by the organiosers that i have ever been to, but i am not going to bore you to death with why it would take a whole page to give all the details.  Charlee was in the Miss modified competiton, which i have to also say was a joke.  I am pleased to say that after speaking to a lot of other people that went they all agreed with me about that again i am not going into detail ,but felt that i needed to get it off my chest lol.  having said that Charlee had fun on stage as you can see from the pics, apart from bad organisation the people and cars were amazing as always and the girls stood out from the crowd as you will see from the pictures.

I have to give a mention to tic tac this was her first car show and she did a wicked job, posing and strutting her stuff and generally holding up the good name of the G force girls as did Charlee as well.  Just so you know togs looking at these charlee can be booked for shoots through me.  thats it for now as i would sooner the pics speak to you rather than me enjoy folks i have more to add when time permiots so keep checking the page folks.

Fast car show Santa Pod March 2012

These pics from proberbly the best first proper show of the season that i have been to massive turn out and so many car clubs it was a pleasure to see everybody enjoying themselves.  In past shows that i have been to it nearly always rains and is cold this time it was cold and misty to start with then the sun came out and it was lovely.   I took Charlee and Jo Jo for her first car show as the G-Force girls as you can see the girls did a great job and i know they had a good time. For those that dont know I know produce my own magazine each month and i have decided that i will feature car clubs in it as well as all the other stuff that i do, so if your a car club and you would like to feature in my magazine then please contact me.  In the mean time enjoy the pics it was a great show.