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Hi thanks for visiting my site.  This page is devoted to models that I work with on a regular basis  to show what they produce and to give inspiration to any girls thinking of getting into the modelling world.

Those that follow my site will know that it has been at least a couple of years since I last had a portfolio building model. This has simply been because I had decided that finding the right girl who is committed to learning from me and who has a genuine interest in making a career out of modeling is no longer easy to find.  However I am pleased to announce that I have found one such girl and she is proving ever bit worthy of  my time and effort of teaching her to become a  model and building her portfolio.  Her name is Gabrielle and you can follow her journey to becoming a model right here.

I will be posting regular updates on her progress with not only write ups,  but with pictures from her shoots as well.

So far Gabrielle has had three shoots one in the studio, one at a castle location and one on location at a farm. We have covered a basic glamour shoot, in the studio,  a clothed shoot and  a glamour  come urban style at the castle and farm.  At each she has not only proved that she wants to be the best she can,  but she has already started producing quality pictures well beyond what she should be  at this early stage of her development.

Gabrielle is a fun nutty beautiful woman with a great body as you will see as you watch her progress to becoming an awesome model.  She listens and learns and not only practices what she has learnt but when shooting her she shows thats she is paying attention to what I am teaching her.. Most girls think all you have to do is stand in front of the camera and thats all thats involved in modelling.  This is probably the smallest part of being a model.  there is so much to learn everything from posing make up marketing yourself to time management along with a million other things that make up a model to many to list but by following her here you will get to see how she progresses.

Since posting the first blog about  Gabrielle here as promised is a selection of pics from her first shoots, oh and she has now also attended Modified Nationals as one of my G Force Girllz so those visiting will see how she did at her first car show. I have included in these pics the nutty side of her as well as her ability to pretty much pull off any style of modeling as you will see.

As promised see the new pics of this super star in the making here are some of her slightly more glamour style as she makes her way towards becoming a glamour model (enjoy ) more soon :)

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