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The question that I get asked more than any other by models is !

“How do I get published?”

I believe the question models should be asking is, “ how do I get so much work that everybody wants me?”

As a result of being in demand they will earn a good living whilst at the same time gaining experience, exposure and ultimately this will lead to being published.

My advise would be that if you want to get published then you need to do the following.

Learn all about your body and practise, practise and practise.

The models that get published are the ones that can pose, walk and strut their stuff and they also know which make up looks best on them. They will also have a vast range of different looks. Meaning facial expressions as well as looks and ability to pose their bodies.

What I am saying is whether your a professional model or one that’s just getting started then get in front of that mirror and practise. knowing your body and how to bend it and shape it is paramount and get busy with the make up don’t be frightened to experiment. All to often I get models turn up that can do neither of these things and I spend the first hour teaching them to pose all be it that its only the basics.

Then learn to market yourself. look at your portfolio and ask yourself are you pleased with ever picture in it and does it show your talents and your versatility or that you can adapt to many different styles and themes.

If every picture in your portfolio doesn’t do this then take it out. Less is More trust me! Then look again at the photographers that you have worked with if your portfolio doesn’t have impact look for Photographers that you think could get the best out of you and get a shoot with them.

Now here’s a tough piece of advice don’t approach a proffessional photoographer offering him/her  TFP CD ( TFP =Time for prints or pictures on a CD) show the photographer that you value his work and are willing to pay him. Good quality photographs may cost you a few quid now , but if they are good they will pay for themselves time after time with your getting lots and lots of work as a result of having a quality portfolio. If the photographer is beyond your means then find another that isn’t and if worst comes to worst save up until you can have the right images done. 

 Having just said try to get the best you can afford when it comes to using a proffessional photographer  to get a quality portfolio done and dont be afraid to pay for it.  I hasten to add there are a lot of rip of photographic companies out there offering what would seen a cheap deal and then you can find yourself walking out of the studio over £1000 out of pocket or more and pictures that wont get you any work.  Watch out for those if in doubt then contact me i would be happy to advise if what you are beiong offered is a good deal or not in the mean time ! 

In the mean time keep practising in that mirror.

This is just a small taster of what a model needs to be doing to get published and how to go about getting that all important portfolio going. I am happy to give free advice to any model or would be model that takes the time to contact me and ask for help. I may then help them to get to the point that they will get published whilst earning a great living. If you are one of the models that is planning to be succeed then you will need to follow these rules and many more.

If you want to know more then please dont hesitate to contact me in the mean time Good Luck and best wishes from Myk G 

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