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Model Levels


Glamour Modelling levels explained something all models need to know and understand. This is for all those starting out modelling and explains the term Models Level’s

Below is a standard definition for different types of modelling. If you are new to modelling and are unsure what type of modelling you would like to do the explainations  below are as clear as I can make them without offending anyone, If your still in doubt after reading them then please feel free to contact me and i will do my best to explain or answer your questions.

No model should be put under pressure to go to a level she or he is not happy with and you should be clear in stating what level your happy working to.

Modelling Definitions


Any picture clothed, can include full length or head and shoulders, Some of our models are under age for any other type of work so please do not book these models if you require something different. .


As Portrait photography.

PLEASE NOTE in the UK the law prohibits using models under 18 years of age for any of the below work


Models should be careful when accepting Glamour work as it can mean different things to different photographers. It could be clothed or it could be nude. If you are asked to pose for a Glamour shoot check first to which level the photographer is really requesting.


Frequently used as a term to indicate that the model will not be wearing a top, but that her breasts, especially her nipples, will be obscured or hidden in some way, such as photographed from the back, or with her hands held over the breasts


Any picture, clothed or not, where nipples are exposed including see-through clothing and wet look shots.


Naked posing including see through clothing but not full frontal i.e. NO PUBIC HAIR.


As above but to include full frontal and pubic hair but with legs closed together.

Most photographers will not define a difference between Classical nude or Nude so you may be booked for Classical Nude photography but asked to pose full frontal. Again please make sure you understand what the photographer is after before accepting a booking.


As Nude and very often photographers will refer to figure work models who pose naked and do not define a difference between Nude or Classical Nude.

Higher Levels


Shots where the models genitals are in full, or partial view of the camera.


Shots where the models genitals are held open.

CONTINENTALinserts either fingers, sex toys, banana or fruit etc. Please check prior to booking any model if she/he is comfortable with the type of shots you require.

Shots where the model

Note that magazines sold in both the US and the UK can now use “Continental” level pictures, so the naming, which dates back many years, is no longer necessarily relevant. As always, please make sure you understand what the photographer is after before accepting a booking.

Girl on Girl / Girl on Boy / Boy on Boy

Normally this will mean performing a sexual act with the other partner; this may be simulated or may be actual. This can be also described as soft or hard core porn. If you are thinking of entering into this level of photography please check you are not breaking any local laws and be 100% sure of what you will be required to do.

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