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What is modelling and who wants to be one.?

Modelling can be anything you want it to be from posing in front of a mirror in your bedroom, to walking down the street posing with your mates, showing off in a night club or just strutting your stuff where ever and whenever you feel like it or you can be the professional model that does it for a living and gets paid to do so.  The perception is that modelling is a glamorous life style yet all to often its boring lonely tiring and just dam right hard work.  having said that when someone achieves true model status they highs are amazing as any model that does it and loves it  will tell you.

 There are so many different kinds of modelling, but the main  two that spring to mind are fashion and of course glamour which is my love and speciality.

To be a model you have to be able to be all of the above and every body thinks that all you have to do is stand in front of a camera or an audience look good with or without clothes on and then your a model.  Nothing could be further from the truth as anyone that has worked with me will tell you.

A good or great model needs to be able to control not only her body but theyre facial movements as well in order to express the desired mood of the scene or image that is being created, but they must also be able to control their body language I often tell models to think of something that makes them happy or floats their boat and when they do this it alters their body language even though they wont necessarily see or feel that it is happening,  but I can tell you as a photographer and an observer of body language if the model is doing it right then the whole of the body is effected and by it being effected then the posing and modelling become amazing and the images or expressions they create are wonderful.

If you are thinking of taking up modelling or want more insite then please feel free to contact me and i will happily try and give you good and imparcial advice on the industry and how to get started in it.

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