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Explaining what a model portfolio is and why you need one, well in the by gone era Models needs a hard copy printed portfolio however things have changed and today its very rare to get asked for a physical portfolio unless attending castings.  A models portfolio is the selling tool that models use to secure work and market themselves with. A really good portfolio is essential to a model if they want to get work.

It should reflects all aspects of the type of work the model is looking to do and each and every picture should be a quality image of themselves. as you do new work then you need to add or change old images with new ones keep it current is my advice.

In today’s modelling world models promote themselves with social media  the likes of Instagram etc, and lets not forget the good old selfie pics, however there is no substitute for a model working with a professional photographer to show what she is really capable of meaning quality images. Or if your just starting out a shoot or two is a great way to not only start your portfolio but also start learning how to model. Its very much not just a case of standing in front of the camera and looking nice, thats the least of being a model.

In today’s market place Agency’s rarely ask for a portfolio when first approached. They are more likely to ask for a portrait photo or two of you with no make up on. If you are then invited for an interview you could well be asked if you have a portfolio its always good to have something to show them what you can do.





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