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Myk G offers training programmes for both photographers as well as models.

The model taster training shoot is for those girls that would like to try modelling, but are not sure how to get into it or  its for those girls that just want to try modelling out for themselves with no desire to actually become a model other than to have some glamorous pictures to look back at in later life and know that they tried it out just for themselves.  If  you want to find out  if you have what it takes to become a model or just want the experience of the shoot without spending a fortune then this is the one for you.

Most people think that all you have to do to be a model is stand in front of the camera and look pretty,  nothing could be further from the truth as anyone that has tried it would tell you,  it takes lots and lots of skill to be able to use your body to to be able to make the picture  stand out and say something about you to the viewer of the image.

By coming to a taster or some times called a test  shoot for those wanting to try modelling you get the opportunity to work with me on a one to one basis have some fun and take home on the day some great pictures of yourself, all this whilst learning how to pose and get the best out of your look and body.   I often say that I will show you the real you and the beautiful you and not the woman that you see in the mirror each morning.  I promise you will go home with a big smile on your face some amazing pictures and  feeling really good about what you  achieved and yes it really is a great confidence booster just ask any of the girls that have worked with me.

So girls if you want to try modelling without getting ripped off then this taster/test  shoot is for you cost just £90 for that you get to spend 6 hours with me take home all the edited pictures on a CD on the day normally about 8 to 10 as well as 5 of the edited  pictures printed A4 size and if you want more printed then you can buy extra  prints A4 size for just £2.50 each.

Please contact me using the form on the right or ring me direct if you wish to book or would like more information on the modelling or photography training.

Photographer training

I am often approached by photographers both experienced and amateurs asking either to shadow me at shoots or to have lessons in lighting in the studio.  Having  now successfully run several courses I have decide to offer teaching within the limits of what I can show or teach anyone.   If its techi stuff about a specific camera,s that you are looking to learn then I am the wrong person to advise or teach however if you want to learn to do different styles of lighting in a studio environment in a practical way then my courses are for you.  By practical I mean that you would bring your camera and there will be a model present and we will not only do different styles of lighting but you will get to shoot images as well so that you can record the differences as well.  The course is four hours long and they are run both in the day evenings and weekends cost £140 through to £240 depending on the style of model required

Plus I will show you what  I would consider the most important skill of all when shooting  people or working with models and that is to communicate with the person, model or models.  All to often I see  photographerswho either don’t speak to the model for the whole of the shoot or don’t communicatewith the model to help them understand what they are trying to achieve this is simply because they do not know how to explain the pose or style of posing that they are trying to get the model to achieve.  I will teach you effective  speaking and communications whether its working with a single model or with a group such as at a wedding where communication to achieve great results is so necessary.

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